About Nic

I’m a folklorist who, by day, is a education director at an immigration museum in the Midwest. I geeked out on folklore enough to do three degrees (BA, MA, PhD) in it.

I grew up in a half-Catholic, half-Methodist family, and spent most of my childhood in the latter. I have been in the Orthodox Church since 2008, when I left the Unitarian Universalist church and had a chance to meet Fr. Alexander Atty, who became my first spiritual father. Most of my Orthodox life has been spent either chanting, singing in parish choirs, or helping with youth programs.

But beyond that, I’m married to a very lovely Canadian musician/ethnomusicologist, am a father of two girls (one of whom has narcolepsy with cataplexy), study ballet, draw, co-lead a Girl Scout troop, and am trying to grow a decent Orthobeard for fun.